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January 22 2014

January 16 2014

January 01 2014

Welcome 2014

201365 • Sustenance 365

Happy New Year!

November 28 2013

September 19 2013

August 24 2013

June 07 2013

Breakfast at Kitchenette

201365 • Sustenance 142

Müsli, yoğurt, and forest fruits breakfast parfait

Crème Brûlée

The new and improved Kitchenette is indeed amazing. I did love the old version, but this is great, too.

June 03 2013

All quiet

Top of Meydan

After a weekend full of excitement, Antalya is quiet again, but everything has changed.

May 07 2013

More new currency

201365 • Strength 117

I got my first purple fiver a few days ago. They changed the colour because many people complained that the old one looked too much like the 50TL note.

May 03 2013

Surprise summer


We’ve had a sudden, unexpected heat wave this week – usually these sorts of temperatures wouldn’t come until the end of June, but apparently summer has decided to start now.

April 18 2013

More retail on its way

201365 • Style 103

MarkAntalya is coming, at long last… this thing has been under construction forever, so it’s at least nice to see them finally turning it into something. No word yet on the names of the shops— hopefully there will be some new outlets.

March 31 2013

Seasonal overlap



There’s still snow on the mountains, but it’s warm enough to swim in the sea… sort of.

March 24 2013

Sex and drugs


We may not have the most imaginative or artistic graffiti, but they certainly get right to the point.

March 22 2013




A wonderful dinner at La Carbonara in Rome.

March 20 2013

Upstairs, Downstairs



St. Peter’s Basilica, on a recent trip to Rome.

February 28 2013

Maybe happening


This construction site has been here as long as I have… and it looks like they may finally be building that stadium they promised so many years ago.

February 26 2013

February 20 2013

February 18 2013

February 16 2013

Pizza as nature intended


Crispy with salad on top, perfect.

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