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October 25 2013

August 02 2010

Good for him


Hürriyet Daily News has an interesting story about a man who refused to sell his house to the Turkish government at half value. The highways directorate wants to demolish the house to complete their new thoroughfare. Experts have valued the property at 170,000TL; the directorate have offered the man only 80,000TL. So far he has refused to move, and they’ve left his house in the middle of the proposed route, but obviously he’s now living in constant fear that an accident (or an “accident”) will render him penniless and homeless. Link

May 29 2010

Greek architecture


I know I’ve said this a million times, but with Meis being only 2km off the coast of Turkey, it’s amazing how everything is so completely different there. Houses like these are of course very Greek, even though the hills you see in the background of the photo are on the Turkish mainland. I love it.

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December 04 2009

March 08 2009

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