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December 15 2013

June 10 2011

March 01 2011

Mediterranean Quilt

Mediterranean Quilt

Last week I was invited to participate in a photo project by Wrong Studio entitled Mediterranean Quilt. The ideas is for photographers living in seaside cities and towns in the 23 countries all along the Mediterranean coast to send in four “patches” (i.e. four square photographs) to contribute to the quilt. The project is open to anyone living on the Med, and the deadline for submissions isn’t until April, so there’s plenty of time for you to get something together and submit it. I put my submission in a couple of days ago and I’m pretty excited to see how this project turns out. Link

February 03 2011

Light of February


The way the light is so subtle and yet so clarifying… February is my favourite month for so many reasons.

December 20 2010

The result of the weather

For Anika

After last week’s wind and hail storms, most of the oranges have been knocked down from the trees. This is good because I no longer have to struggle to reach them, but of course now we have to use up oranges a lot more quickly than we normally would. Good thing it’s the season for mulled wine.

December 09 2010

Abstract December

There's no place like December

It’s starting to look festive round these parts.

November 18 2010

Luna loves cats, but the cats… not so much

My friend Jools and I took Luna out with us to a restaurant where they had a large walled garden where she could go off-lead. Luna loves cats and doesn’t understand the concept that cats might not like her. Hilarity ensues.

Intimidation attempt number one

The cats try to scare her off with menacing looks. Doesn’t work.

Intimidation attempt number two

Then one of the cats attempts to appear huge and threatening. Still doesn’t work.

Intimidation attempt number three

Oh, it’s hopeless. Luna just loves cats, and there’s nothing they can do to get her to stop loving them.

November 05 2010

View from the balcony

Balcony décor

I’m always confused as to why people want a sea view from their balcony, as the sea is just a big expanse of blue that pretty much looks the same no matter where you go or how many times you see it. I’ll take the alternative every time. Bonus: non-sea-view rooms are almost always less expensive.

November 04 2010

Boll vs. Wang

I watched an interesting table tennis match a couple of days ago:

Boll vs. Wang

Yes, I have the sense of humour of a ten-year-old. Click the photo for the bigger version.

November 02 2010

Pumpkin mugs

Pumpkin mugs from Starbucks

Pumpkin mugs from Starbucks— they’re expensive as hell (16 million for a ceramic mug is outrageous), but nonetheless, here we are. You have to admit that they’re very, very cute.

October 27 2010

The antiques shop

Spare change

Turkey has a wealth of shops that fall equally under the categories of “antiques” and “junk.” These shops are often built around a large collection of old books, stacked floor-to-ceiling with no particular rhyme or reason. Two other common features of the antiques/junk shop are the Table of Random and Unusual Coins (my most recent selections are pictured above) and the Suitcase of Old Photos (I bought quite a few, which I’ll scan for you later). Other that that, it’s a free-for-all, and you might find anything in these shops from old furniture to vintage clothing to obsolete electronics (last time I went out antiquing I spotted an 8-track player).

From the antiques shop

Here’s something I couldn’t resist buying— as you can see, it’s a set of six glasses with a pitcher. I was shocked that none of the pieces had any damage, and I asked the shop owner if the set was really old. “No, it’s not old,” he replied. “It’s maybe… 1960, 1959, something like that. Pretty modern.”

You mean to tell me that this entire set of glass items survived half a century in a Turkish household and is still here to tell the story? The shop owner didn’t understand why I thought that was remarkable, which worked in my favour when negotiating time came, as he seemed keen to get rid of the set. “Brown glass, people don’t really like it,” he mumbled.

I guess I’m not “people,” then.

October 25 2010

The witching season

A week of nights

I can’t believe Halloween is less than a week away. I’m so excited, I can barely see straight!

October 23 2010

October 20 2010

Darker days ahead


Seriously, such beautiful, dark autumn days are just about my favourite thing in the world.

October 15 2010

In times of war

before and after

Continuing on from yesterday’s vintage find, here’s another post featuring photos of soldiers in times of war. The series is telling, poignant, and sometimes even heartbreaking. Link

October 14 2010

Hide this please

hide this

A friend of mine pointed out this very insightful blog post featuring vintage photos of people along with their handwritten, self-deprecating comments. We like to think that body hatred was invented five minutes ago and that people in the good ol’ days knew how to appreciate a woman with curves, but given some of the women in these photos who describe themselves disparagingly as “fat,” I think things are actually getting better these days in terms of body acceptance. Link

October 08 2010

October 07 2010

Halloween is coming!




Charlotte at Animation Fun World really hooked me up with all the best Halloween decorations! I couldn’t be happier.

October 05 2010

Not quite snowy yet

Not quite snowy yet

When I first saw the mountains yesterday morning, I thought that was a light dusting of snow up there on top. Now I think it was just the light, or the snow was so sparse that it quickly melted away.

It’s coming though, rest assured. Proper snow is on its way.

October 04 2010

Autumn moves in

Autumn moves in

Autumn is definitely taking over, showing summer who’s boss. We haven’t had the big weather break yet, but the long, slow slide into winter has surely begun.

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